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In-Plant Oriental Rug & Carpet Cleaning

We wash rugs the old proven way and rinsed thoroughly with clear water. We specialize in hand made oriental wools, silks, tapestries, Dhurries, as well as bound, decorated and custom carpets. We utility a multi-step process that begins with an evaluation color test and thorough dry soil removal. This is followed by pet washing, front and back, power cleaning fringes and heavy spills, and a cold water sheeting rinse. We will choose from many options the proper protocol for your particular rug or carpet. Some wash processes may require a decontamination pre-soak. Final extraction is accomplished by vacuum evacuation or centrifugal spinning. Centrifugal Spinning is the latest state of the art technology where the excess water is spun out of the rugs or carpet. This shows us what was left in the rug at the wash process and allows us to slow down the spinning process and do follow up cold water rinse until all residues are removed. This is followed by nap setting and rack drying using non-heated air flow. Final inspection, touch up and rug wrapping, and rack storage.

Our in-plant oriental rug and carpet cleaning includes:

  • In-Plant Cleaning of Orientals, Dhurries, Silks and Upholstery
  • Solvent Dry Cleaning
  • A decontamination process of removing pet and human urine, other body fluids, or fire, smoke, and flood damage

We also offer

  • Moth Protection
  • Fabric Protection
  • Wrapping Process (forĀ rugs or carpets that will be used for shipping or storage)
  • Rug Pads Cut to Size (available)
  • Rug repairs (re-fringing, serging, binding, and backing repairs, as well as rips, tears and patching)
  • Some corrections (such as color bleed and dye migration)